iConnectAUDIO4+, Audio and MIDI Interface, Now Shipping

iConnectivity_iConnectAUDIO4plusAt Musikmesse 2015: Interface developer iConnectivity has begun worldwide distribution of their long-anticipated iConnectAUDIO4+, their next-generation audio and MIDI interface.

iConnectAUDIO4+’s Multi-Host technology supports multiple audio and MIDI peripherals, and also multiple computing devices, all at once, performing the job of multiple interfaces and numerous cables. Any combination of up to 2 Mac, PC, and iOS devices, as well as up to 9 connected MIDI peripherals, can share iConnectAUDIO4+’s audio inputs, outputs and MIDI I/O.

iConnectAUDIO4+ features at a glance:

  • Multi-host Device ports – use 2 computer devices (Mac/PC/iOS) at the same time
  • Host port for connecting up to 8 MIDI peripherals (with Class-compliant devices connected to a powered hub)
  • Audio and MIDI passThru routes audio digitally between two computing devices.
  • Standalone computer-less operation – mix/merge audio and host 5 pin DIN + USB class compliant MIDI
  • 4 XLR – ¼” TRS combo analog inputs.
  • 4 Premium microphone preamplifiers with 48v phantom power
  • 4 ¼” TRS balanced analog outputs
  • ¼” Headphone output with independent mix
  • 1 X 1 regular 5 pin DIN MIDI in/out.
  • 29 routable MIDI ports: Mac, PC, iOS, 5 pin MIDI DIN and class compliant USB MIDI devices
  • Comprehensive audio mixing and routing between connected USB computing devices and analog outputs
  • iConfig software (Mac, Windows, iOS) makes it simple to set up filtering/routing/merging scenes – which are also stored in flash memory on the device.
  • High-resolution audio – up to 24-bit/96kHz AD/DA conversion.
  • Capacitive touch user controls
  • Charges an iOS device.iConnectAUDIO4+ is available now at iConnectivity resellers worldwide. For more information please visit www.iConnectivity.com or your favorite iConnectivity reseller.

iConnectivity_iConnectAUDIO4plus_rearPricing and Availability. The iConnectAUDIO4+ audio/MIDI interface is available from retailers worldwide and via the iConnectivity webstore. MSRP $349 US ($299 “street” price).

14 thoughts on “iConnectAUDIO4+, Audio and MIDI Interface, Now Shipping

  1. Was VERY interested when they first announced this about a year and a half ago. I would have bought it day one but it took so damn long to come out that I have since found other options that have replaced my need for it. With the release of apps like Midimux, Audiomux, & Music IO coupled with other more well rounded audio interfaces at the same price point this would have to have some other magical features for me to consider this necessary.

  2. If I understand this right, this means I can now use my iPad as an effects box in the signal chain, making all those $4 effect apps far more useful. Looking forward to picking one up.

    1. thats exactly how you can use this. and for the apps that support it, midi sync as well.
      i have the 2+ version and it is one of the most versatile devices I’ve ever seen. wait till you get the editor app and see what all you can do with configurations. light years ahead of what other manufacturers are doing with their interfaces.

    2. It’s also just a good translator from din midi to usb midi, and you can avoid midi chaining and still have any device send signals to any other devices, complete control of mapping! In fact I find my box (the first one) intuitively knows what I want to do I haven’t even had to hook up the iPad to get the routing right. Being able to then record or control via PC/Mac/iPad is just icing on the cake.

  3. With the new incoming apps allowing to send audio and midi between iOS/Mac and iOS/Windows PCs via USB (audio still not implemented for PC, but supposed to be on the roadmap), for me there is less attraction for those hardware boxes.

    1. But this can be the main and only audio I/F for Mac & PC & iOS & Controllers & other wahtsnot at the same time. That’s quite a deal and you don’t have to worry about running background apps to do that via software. The thing that it has 2 pair of output (+1 headphone) is also a sale point for me.

      1. Agreed. I set up my iPad with MIDImux/Audiomux. It definitely works but ended up being a little more complicated and finicky than is useful in a studio setup. This iConnectivity tool is a more solid setup when you are combining additional pieces. I don’t have to worry about aggregate audio devices in OSX etc, since this is a single device with all the ins/outs I presently need (especially with the IOS device integration. the mux software is great with a minimal setup, but I already have a semi-dedicated studio setup.

    2. the problem with that solution is every app is going to be different in how they implement their “standards”. you’ll end up with five different client apps running on your machine to talk to five different apps. that’s the nice thing about class-compliant hardware and established standards… they just work. i used to do what you did, relying on the application-specific connection methods (WIST, etc) and it was just a constant annoyance and headache. using the iconnect devices allowed me to stop fiddling with getting things to work and get back to making music.

  4. I’m really glad these guys at iConnect finally have this box shipping.

    Really comprehensive interconnectivity and the ability to work as a standalone audio/MIDI interface device will help this box make its way into many live rigs, as well as project studios.

  5. I love my original iconnectivity midi, but eventually I’m thinking I’ll upgrade to this. It does seem like a great addition.

  6. Try it, works fine, sounds great but you HAVE to iConfig on the Computer, the iOS Version for iCA4+ is still under development…this is sad, cause this was one of reasons why i bought one….
    NO PC/MAC anymore, yes, but not now 🙁
    hope this will be the next time, and not next year, like their other announces…..

    But we are all early birds here and have to suffer some times 🙂

  7. We are hoping to the iOS version out as soon as possible. With all the new features/views that iConnectAUDIO4+ has in iConfig, it may be difficult to have an iPhone version (small view). We appologize for any inconvenience while we work that out.

    Luckily, you don’t have to have iConfig running for the hardware to operate (you can actually use it without a computer). You can always set up any special configurations/filtering using iConfig and save to the hardware if you needed something special for your iPad set up. For the time being that is.

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