FeelYourSound Debuts Sundog Scale Studio 2.0


FeelYourSound has just released a new version of their electronic songwriting studio, calling updated Sundog Scale Studio 2.0 “the biggest update yet.”

Sundog is a standalone composition software that connects to any DAW via MIDI. With Sundog, the user is able to develop new chord progressions, melodies, bass lines, and arpeggios “within minutes.”

Sundog Scale Studio 2.0 updated features include:

  • Song parts: Create multiple song parts and chain them to songs – or experiment with different verse variations and chord progressions.
  • Show chord tension: Quickly see which chords are harmonic or mildly dissonant. Build and release tension in your progressions easily.
  • New input editor: Precise control over tone heights and triggered sequences. Useful to draw harmonic scale melodies.
  • Focus areas: “Intelligent” copy and paste actions on patterns, sequences, song parts, and chords.
  • Many new patterns: Over 150 patterns included.
  • Use your own default song as a base.
  • Built-in offline help.
  • New demo songs to get you started quickly (also with polyrhythmic and polymetric examples).

Developer Hauke Menges has released this tutorial/overview video:

Pricing and Availability

Sundog Sound Studio is available for download via the FeelYourSound website, for use with Windows + Mac OS X and costs 39 EUR / $45. Through April 28, it is being offered at an “Introductory celebration” price: 29 EUR / $35.  The update is free for all existing customers of Sundog Scale Studio.

14 thoughts on “FeelYourSound Debuts Sundog Scale Studio 2.0

    1. Right… because producers with no formal musical training are coming up with such impressive original shit on their own.

      1. hell, i don’t hear much “impressive original shit” coming out of this community even from producers that have formal musical training. mostly re-hashed electro or techno…

  1. The four new ideas in this update really fit the process of composing this type of music. I respect the thinking that went into this, and the direction the developer is taking it.

    1. Thank you :)!! Yes, all of these points were rather big wishes from the community. As each of them had a big impact on the user interface I decided to release a bigger version this time. I’m glad that everything worked out as expected :).

      Hauke of feelyoursound.com

        1. Thanks :)!
          An iPad version isn’t very likely at the moment. Unfortunately I would have to rewrite everything from scratch for that :/.

          1. What a pity! But I’ll be patient. 😉
            Yes, from scratch is more likely a pain in the ass. Can understand that.
            All the best from Berlin!

  2. Hey guys , i just wanna say this kind of software is pretty useful to compose ,specially for people dont have training in Musical Theory or dont play any instrument ( i mean play good ).
    I am using EZ keys of Toontracks for do the same , but Sundog Scale seen do to job very well and have a good price 🙂
    Another think i learned … the diference bettwen play at keyboard(on the fly ) or ” Program ” your track is , in my case when you back your hands to the mouse you loose ” feeling ” specially when you gonna use Bronken chords and velocity parameters and this is so important for get the ” emotion ” of the track, i think is better learn some Keys and chords to play on flow .. works better … but this … you have to spend more at keyboard / piano play .
    But if you dont time or discipline for this … take the software ;D

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