WMD + SSF Monolith Eurorack Keyboard Synthesizer Now Shipping


Synth module makers WMD and SSF are excited to announce the availability of their new Eurorack modular synthesizer system: The Monolith. The developers are positioning the Monolith synth as a pro level monosynth that also serves as a bridge for newer users to learn modular synthesis.

The Monolith is comprised of a 37-key keyboard with 104 hp Eurorack rails loaded with the WMD-SSF collaboration line of fifteen modules. Complete with power supply and 25 patch cables of assorted lengths, the Monolith is a fully-functional, completely customizable modular synth with a wide palette of tones that the user can patch from scratch.

Monolith_RearThe Monolith system includes 15 Modules: two Spectrum Oscillators, a Pole Zero Filter, two ADSRVCAs, an Amplitude Discrete VCA, an S.P.O. Scaling Polarizer and Offset, the Ultrafold wavefolder, the Blender four channel crossfading mixer, a Quad Attenuator, the Toolbox utility module, a Mini Slew function generator, as well as a custom Keyscan module with Aftertouch, Velocity, and MIDI (in, out, and thru).

SSF and WMD have also included a Buffered Multiple, a LVLS output module, leaving 16 extra hp worth of space filled with blank panels for the user’s further customization or future expansion.

WMD’s Tyler Thompson gave a Monolith walk-through to Synthbug at this winter’s NAMM Show:

Pricing and Availability

The WMD – SSF joint Monolith Eurorack Modular Synthtesizer System is available now from select retailers for about $2600US.

26 thoughts on “WMD + SSF Monolith Eurorack Keyboard Synthesizer Now Shipping

    1. I would definitely be interested in one with fewer modules in it, partly to lower the price but also that’s the best bit of modular. I think the key scan is essential and those are really practical oscillators, but I wonder if it’s the right depth for some of those BASTL wood modules, or the big Verbos stuff?

  1. Very cool indeed!
    Is there an option for just the plain keyboard with the eurorack rails?
    Or is such kinda thing available by anyone else?

    1. The super 37 is pretty much that, only it doesn’t have outputs in the back. They’re currently all sold out though.

  2. For this range of price it would have been cool to have pitch and mod wheel with CV outputs we can plug to control anything. I hope too that this keyboard will be sold without the modules.

    1. grab a wheels module and toss it in! i think doepfer still makes a set, analog systems makes a more complex version too. either fit in spare room too!

  3. Definitely cool. Though, the full sized keys look a little mismatched with the tiny little euro knobs and holes. They should realize all us eurorackers have pencil sized fingers anyway and gone with mini keys.

  4. I just wanted to chime in and and say I love 37 note keyboards. Big enough to be actually played while not taking up too much real estate.

  5. These things sit funny with me, module Euroracks with integrated standard keys? Is that an oxymoron? What is the market for this, people who buy Euroracks and don’t want one more cable running to a controller? As it makes it look tidy? And I imagine the keyboard is going to be vanilla, velocity only. I guess a fair comparison would be paying a lot of money for a digital imaging camera with a rubbish fixed lens, and as it stands the digital imaging system works, but given the option to replace the glass then it would become a very adaptable and capable device. I don’t know, I just feel making a modular system not very modular isn’t a very modular approach towards modular solutions. And, who is in the market for a modular system? Not many. Who is in the market for a 104 hp Eurorack module system? Fewer. How many of them are buying a system as opposed to building one? Fewer still. Now, who wants that 104 hp rack system fitted with these exact modules, or even something close to this setup? Even fewer people still. Now who wants a vanilla keybed integrated into that 104 hp system with these random modules? Is anybody left on the list, if so, who is now prepared to pay $2600 for it? Maybe that person exists – but you just took a market of maybe 100,000 people and depleted it down to maybe just someone, maybe just anyone. But I do find a tragic beauty in this, when something is foundered in the misgiving of love with no avail to logic.

    1. Keyscan module is loaded with the following:

      3 Quick Touch Octave Settings
      2 1V/Octave Adjustable Glide Outputs
      2 Non Glide 1V/Octave Outputs
      Velocity Output
      Retrig Output
      Gate Output
      and (My favorite) After Touch Output

      In addition

      The enclosure is fully Midi compatible (in, out, and thru) and has a 1/4 inch sustain jack.


    2. Your metaphor doesn’t work. You can’t take the digital imaging part out of a camera and put it it in a different camera with a different lens, but you can take the modules out and put them in another case. And you can’t attach more than one lens to a digital imaging camera, but you can attach whatever number of controllers to this.

      1. I was talking more pro digital imaging, like RED. You can change the sensor, and with some cinema setups install more than one lens. I wasn’t talking about consumer stuff. The metaphor applies to buying anything modular with fixed parts, like a bike with shite gears soldered on to it, just stupid business to get into. And I don’t believe that invalidating my metaphor will somehow validate this product, it is a combined effort of balls and the movement of them in a upward direction.

  6. I’d take out the modules and stick in four occilators and 4budget adsr and turn this into a freaking timbre wolf.. hell yeah!

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