The GOASTT Covers Their Own “Devil You Know,” Moog Style

In the newest performance vid from the Moog Sound Lab, The Ghost of a Saber Tooth TIger (The GOASTT) covers their own song, “Devil You Know.”

Normally performed on guitars and other acoustical instruments, this Moog-y cover features Sean Lennon on a Moog Sub 37, with Charlotte Kemp Muhl playing the bassline on a Moog Sub Phatty. The singers’ voices are run through a pair of Moog 500 Series Analog Delays. In addition, Tim Kuhl does percussion with electronic drum triggers controlling 6x Minimoog Voyager RMEs, Robbie Mangano performs with an Electric Blue Minimoog Voyager, and finally, Jared Samuel rounds out the track with a second Sub 37.

Watch more Moog Sound Lab performances here, and hear more from The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger here.

15 thoughts on “The GOASTT Covers Their Own “Devil You Know,” Moog Style

  1. Nice song and vocals. Though im sure if you went back to the late 60’s and showed this video to people as a vision of the future….they would be dissapointed.

  2. This act can be described as a “rendition”, but not a “cover version”. The act of a “cover version” involves a third party doing a rendition of the work. Anyone can do a “cover version” except the original artists. Moog calls it a “re-imagine”, I prefer the “shameless marketing coup”.

    1. It does have a certain high school garage band kind of sound to it. They do not look comfortable with those keyboards, nor particularly excited. The acoustic drums seems out of place. No one thought to use electronic drums run through a modular or Taurus? For completeness. I have to agree that a band cannot cover its own song. That is like a writer ghostwriting her own novel. One can only use a pen name if one wishes to remain anonymous, a route which The GOASST (oh, what an unfortunate name to use on the Internet) may end up wishing they had chosen. The first word that comes to mind is gimmick. Properly engineered this might have been nice, but it sound away too raw.

    1. Yup, I don’t get it. This band completely relearned one of their songs so they could all play synths, and the result was pretty cool. Maybe if this were the original version people might be right to complain, but I think it takes innovation to reimagine a song like this and get your musicians to play an instrument that they are somewhat unfamiliar with.

  3. This just shows that even hipsters from Brooklyn are capable of crowding out a room and can create an orchestra of a pack of monkeys on parole….

    1. Thanks. I was like “why is this group important” and “why is everyone making a fuss about them”…
      … Lennon

      They appear to be “Coattail Riders”.

  4. I thought this was very cool!

    That mash-up of Moogs (and the chick singing) looked so pretty! Every time I see the newer Moogs, I want one so badly – finances be damned!

    But I had to giggle seeing two men on the Voyager – sort of a Moogy 3-way, very kinky!

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed this (other than the snare). Anyone else notice how much the drummer looked like George Harrison back there?

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