Rob Papen Releases Vecto Rack Extension Synthesizer


Rob Papen has released Vecto – a four-oscillator vector synthesizer Rack Extension that allows you draw in vector paths to shape the sound in many different ways.

Included are a large range of oscillator waves, plus sampled waveforms and lots of different modulation options.

Here’s a video patch preview:

According to Papen, “Due to the interesting range of waveforms, from classic analog modeled ones, Additive, Spectrum and high quality sampled waveforms, the sound options are dazzling deep!”

Here’s Papen’s video intro:

Vecto is available now for US $99. See the Rob Papen site for details.

16 thoughts on “Rob Papen Releases Vecto Rack Extension Synthesizer

    1. Can we have a filter to block out these inane requests and negative comments that do nothing but irritate and consume valuable space and time?

    2. Well that’s why it’s not called This is a new synth being reported about on a site dedicated to synths. I fail to see how this is an infraction of any sort. Do you become upset when you view a synthtopia post about a digital, hardware synth too? Because all that is is a software synth inside of a dedicated controller. So then we’re only allowed to view posts about analog, hardware synths? Soft synths appeal greatly to the masses that are not in the “pro” market. They offer a lot of flexibility, affordability and “bang for the buck”. Legions of great tunes have been produced via soft synths. There needs to be a place where we can get inclusive synth news, and this is that place. So sorry there Keith Emerson, we didn’t mean to insult you with our proletariat soft synths.

      1. It’s ‘Meh’, because Papen and his ilk churn out soft synths (usually with most devs spending more time on realistic hardware interface renderings) at such a rate of knots I feel it devalues their worth.
        To me this guy is the Behringer of the synth world… plenty of use for pragmatic reasons but completely lacks any intrinsic soul or emotional engagement. Let alone they will all be next to worthless in 5-10 years.

  1. Here’s where I stand and I know it doesn’t make any sense. I loved Reason until it started having 3rd party rack plugins. There was something special about it and that closed system was part of it. I still have it (and I know I don’t have to use the rack extensions) but find myself using Logic mainly – which is crazy as it also has 3rd party plugins – which I love! I think deep down that Propellorheads “sold out” and put the money before the product. I told you it doesn’t make any sense.

    1. Yes, you don’t make any sense, and you haven’t really “told” us anything yet as to why and how you think they sol doubt. And this synth in question isn’t even made by propellerhead. So because they sell rack extensions they sol doubt? Are you saying “paying money before you get a product” means “they put the money before the product”? It’s nice to see more quality rack extension synths, now if they would only make some discount bundles.

      1. Its nice to see honesty appreciated. I think they sold out as they undoubtedly make some revenue from the 3rd party sales. Because of this I think they have gotten lazy in developing Reason further and rely on those 3rd party sales for innovation sound wise. The rack extensions are probably a cash cow. In addition to this, in terms of Reasons development life cycle I know I am not the only one to shudder at the inflated upgrade costs from version to version which offer little. I stopped paying for Reason upgrades at V6.5 as I had paid for the product twice over at that point. You may not agree with me – and thats ok, but thats just my take on it.

    2. Same here, at first I was excited about the rack extensions in reason. After a while and some RE’s I realized that for me the power of Reason lies in in it closed and limited environment. I started with Ableton Live, I was working with reason from the beginning (first with rebirth). Maybe I needed a trigger to move on and learn something new.
      A lot of users always asked PH if they could ‘open’ the program for external developers. I think PH lost their course a little bit with the release of Record…

  2. I use reason, I like soft synth updates, and I like the rack extensions, I also think because of rack extensions reason had stopped developing in box instruments, but already this way I can get what I want faster instead of going it gets released in the new version.

  3. Love it, although it is a little bit limited…
    Wish that Korg will release Wavestatation for Re and iOS 🙂

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