MacBeth Elements x 3 Improvisation

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures an improvisation by synth designer Ken MacBeth, using three of his Elements synthesizers. 

Here’s what MacBeth has to say about the video:

A facebook friend suggested that it might be a good idea to record what I’ve had playing automatically in the background while I work on Elements synths that are going out. Now I actually play them on this video- not so automatic!

For those following this -so far 16 units released, by the end of this week- 40- consult Analogue Haven or Schneidersladen. This recording done direct to my Canon 600D camera….audio is not bad….could be better….just a quick demo!

11 thoughts on “MacBeth Elements x 3 Improvisation

      1. It was a times a pleasure,also at other times frustrating.

        Little things, like $15k worth of synths, then prop them up with cardboard boxes, to then record on a HDSLR – years of focus and dedication on designing and building a machine to then cobble together a performance in an afternoon.

        He had an awareness of what the machines could do, yet seemed to lack a focused understanding the the sounds created, on a machine purposely built. So he would pitch up, over-pitching and losing the freq, rather than finding a biting harmonic and riding it.

        Overall, I enjoying watching him enjoy himself – but I personally felt he owed these machines more than this – if that makes sense?

          1. I can’t disagree with you, I can only relate to you my own experience – both equally valid and invalid, depending on ones own subjective experiences.

            What you are saying is, I didn’t experience what I did when I did, but I did?

            I may not understand fully what he is trying to achieve, I may understand more than that – regardless, it was my subjective experience which is self-validating upon being experienced.

            So I can’t agree or disagree – mostly as you build no defense or give any countenance.

  1. I don’t dig the composition so much, but those elements sound great! Bravo, Ken. That’s been a long slog getting to here, but the sounds really hit the mark.

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