Nektar Updates Panorama Controllers For Greater Logic Pro Integration


Nektar has announced a substantial upgrade to Panorama P1, P4 and P6 controller integration with Logic 9 and Logic Pro X.

The updated adds Instrument and Transport modes. Here are the details:

Instrument mode enables the entire Panorama control surface to be focused on controlling instrument plugins. Logic’s built-in instruments are all pre-mapped for immediate control including ES1 & ES2 synths, Vintage Electric Piano, Vintage B3 Organ, EXS24 sampler…all of them, up to and including Alchemy, added in Logic Pro 10.2.

The mapping follows the long-standing Panorama principle of grouping parameters in labeled pages so it is a breeze to select a page from the popup menu and start controlling the assigned parameters immediately. Panorama “sees” every automatable parameter directly from Logic via Logic’s control API, which is why Panorama can transparently map Logic plugins.

Plugin control also includes AU plugins. AU instruments can be mapped across 37 real-time controls at any one time and with page navigation of an additional 24 encoder pages, each mapping 12 parameters. That means up to 325 instrument parameters are within reach, at any time.

The included plugin mapping editor makes editing the control assignments easy. Using a simple select and click approach, the job is done in seconds. Map files then can be shared across the user community via a linked cloud environment.

Panorama’s Transport mode lets you set punch in/out and locator points with dedicated, individual controls or by moving them proportionate together, in one movement.

With additional control over Logic’s play head, scrub, quantize value and an option to use the pads (P4 and P6 only) for marker 1-8 select, set and delete, it’s possible to capture ideas quicker and to build complete tracks, without using the mouse.


  • Dedicated control surface integration developed for Logic 9 and Logic Pro X
  • Complete DAW and plugin control with 3 main modes – Mixer, Instrument & Transport
  • Logic’s built-in Instruments all pre-mapped in Instrument mode
  • Control AU plugins and customize mapping
  • Navigate Logic projects from Transport mode complete with vital location information
  • Mixer mode with channel strip control including EQ, Sends, Inserts and Smart Controls
  • Browse channel settings
  • Customize mapping for any Logic shortcut via the QWERTY Macro editor
  • Rewire control – switch Panorama’s focus between Logic and a rewired slave application
  • Instrument Mode
    • 37 real-time controls for instrument parameters at any time with up to 325 parameters mapped per instrument
    • Logic’s built-in instruments all pre-mapped with menu pages clearly labeled for quick and easy navigation
    • Automatic instant mapping of all AU plugins with parameter order as delivered by the plugin
    • Panorama Plist Editor included for customizing mapping of AU plugins and Logic’s built-in plugins
    • Cloud community sharing of plugin map files
    • Pop-up display page navigation system with up to 24 pages per plugin
    • Dedicated on/off button for Logic’s Arpeggiator
    • Dedicated patch browsing buttons
    • View button toggle plugin window in Logic
  • Transport Mode
    • Large location display readout in bars and beats
    • Move play head using Data Control
    • Set cycle start/end locators individually
    • Set/toggle auto-punch in/out individually
    • Move both cycle locators proportionately, using one encoder control
    • Move both punch in/out locations proportionately, using one encoder control
    • Set and navigate project markers (Panorama P4 and P6 only)
    • Foot switch mapped to toggle play or record (Panorama P1 only)
    • Set quantize
    • Toggle Pre-count
    • Set and control shuttle/scrub
  • Mixer Mode
    • Multi-channel mixing in banks of 8 channels at a time
    • EQ:  Full control of EQ plugin on selected track.
    • Inserts: step through insert slots 1-15, browse, instantiate and control plugins.
    • Sends: direct control of sends 1-8 on selected track.  Control Level, position, bypass and set the destination.
    • Smart Controls: control for up to 16 smart controls on selected track.  View button to toggle smart control panel
    • Instrument: browse and instantiate instrument plugins on selected track
    • View button toggles Mixer panel
    • Shift+View toggles plugin GUI
    • Patch buttons browse channel strip settings, or plugin patch (when GUI is in focus)
  • Panorama Global Controls
    • Track/Bank navigation
    • 100mm high-res motorized fader – controls the selected mixer channel volume (P4/P6 only)
    • Mute/Solo buttons for selected track (P4/P6 only)
    • Dedicated Automation mode button for selected track
    • 11 Transport buttons; including click, undo, record arm, toggle automation
    • read/latch, set/goto cycle start/end
    • F-Keys button:  when held, access to 11 assignable QWERTY controls which can be customized to any Logic shortcut.

Pricing and Availability

Panorama’s new integration for Logic Pro X is available now following the registration of a Panorama purchase and is a free update for existing owners of Panorama P1, P4 and P6.

11 thoughts on “Nektar Updates Panorama Controllers For Greater Logic Pro Integration

  1. The P6 is now more superb! Can’t wait to dive in deeper. So far, so excellent. PList editor is an excellent additional utility, but needs a little more work (only finds Apple AU plugins at the moment as far as I can see). All 61 keys… Excellent. All 61 keys sitting on my desk with Logic open? Nightmare- hadn’t factored for my current project studio layout. If you get one, and I recommend one of you’re serious about your DAW and Logic X if that’s your weapon of choice… Don’t forget about your desk space constraints- 49 keys would work great too!

  2. pondering the Nektar vs. the Akai Pro….just can’t seem to make a decision. Think both would be great for the studio…any thoughts?

    1. I have an Akai MPK49 that’s gotten light use and has been babied in my studio. A few of the keys are already not registering unless you *really* slam down on them. Makes faster solos etc. a drag. It also makes some odd bugs happen in Logic, where tracks will be muted sporadically (unplugging USB/replugging usually helps). Doesn’t happen all the time, but still…

      Maybe more recent versions of the MPK lineup are better quality, but I won’t buy another Akai Pro product. Just because something uses metal for it’s case doesn’t make it “built like a tank”.

      Been eyeing this Nektar for a while, and will now jump since it’s got better Logic X integration.

      1. I have the MPK49 as well. It used to be rock solid but now it likes to transmit random midi data. It’s pretty much useless now because that.

        Hope that helps OP.

      2. +1

        My MPK49 took a shit in less than 2 years with light use as well. Ive had a P6 for 3 years now with not one issue. Plus Nektar provides incredible support… Ive sometimes sent them questions regarding programming for the P6 which have been answered within the hour. Try getting that kind of support from Akai.

        Buy a Nektar controller and you’ll never want to buy another midi controller again.

  3. I can highly recommend the Nektar P4 … I was also shopping for the new Akai, the NI keyboard, and had dismissed the Panorama when it came out as a “I don’t need any Live crap..” or whatever …. but when I saw the first bit of the Logic stuff, then the MESSE demo with updates coming .. I took the plunge. Super happy. Keyboard action is great (Fatar, so same as my Kurzweil, Dave Smith, Waldorf, etc. — feels right). Only slightly clunky key is far left one which makes just slightly louder sound on full hit. (Disclosure: that is actually a photo of my studio in the press release … I got to beta test the new Logic capability and shared picture with them … they ended up using it !) .. .cool company. Very pleased. No stupid wrapper for the apps!!!

  4. Christopher, 1) great studio set up! 2)…appreciate your comments. While controllers have come a long way in the past few years, it’s still tricky deciding.

  5. For me the shazam moment came when launching my UAD2 plugins and going WHOA — cleverly mapped and much easier than stupid tiny mouse click on a channel strip plugin …. they even have some pretty obscure stuff mapped like synplant ! And that free Martin Combo Model F organ emulator. So, pretty neato on that. (You can see an alternate view of my studio on the Nektar FB page too … ) 🙂

    1. Now this just made my day, I’m looking to get a P4 next month to use with Logic and also have a growing UAD arsenal of plugins, so if the P4 brings all that together with knobs, faders and buttons, I’ll probably have a wet dream lol.

      I currently have a iCon QCon Pro (a full control surface), also a great alternate for a Mackie MCU, but looking at the Panorama it just looks like the overall work flow will be better and more streamlined.

      I also had my eye on the NI Kontrol and the Akai Advanced, but the P4 looks the way to go.

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