Sneak Preview – Arturia iSEM Running As An Audio Unit On The iPad


Developers Tempo Rubato, who handled the porting of Arturia SEM V to iOS, shared this sneak preview of iSEM running as an Audio Unit in GarageBand on an iPad Pro

When Apple announced iOS 9 this summer, it included an interesting development for iOS mobile music making – Audio Unit Extensions. Here’s what Apple had to say at the time:

The Audio Unit extension point allows your app to provide musical instruments, audio effects, sound generators, and more for use within apps like GarageBand, Logic, and other Audio Unit host apps. The extension point also brings a full audio plug-in model to iOS and lets you sell Audio Units on the App Store.

No release date has been announced for the updated Arturia iSEM, but the developer says the ‘update will come soon!’

via nlogmusic

23 thoughts on “Sneak Preview – Arturia iSEM Running As An Audio Unit On The iPad

  1. this is the future, apps become vsts that you can touch, the hardware/software distinction begins to break down completely…

    1. Future? More like very late. The Ipad has been powerful enough to handle VSTs since day 1, and if it weren’t for Apple’s “no plugins” policy VSTs and AUs would have been available much earlier. And even now I’m not certain you will be able to install any AUs inside IOS, probably only the Apple store approved ones much like VSTs in Auria.

      Still I have to say its a bit exiting as it is a step in the right direction.

  2. professional level use on iPad, that is interesting
    there has been already some but to go audio units means next level for sure

    wonder is the other apps will follow

  3. more integration and cross platform the better . this will probably save the plugin future.
    developers should make more liquid vst so it knows if your on a laptop it works one way and if your on a tablet it works another. great stuff.

  4. Hopefully this comes along with the ability to run at 96khz. Lower sample rates and not being able to change them easily is my only real complaint about iOS synths.

  5. It will be interesting to see how this will affect app pricing. We’ve come to enjoy the “$9.99 apps ” and rarely see anything over $50. This could end that era, maybe?

    1. Non-touch-optimized UI’s are the worst. Why would I want to suffer through fiddling in FL studio with a touch screen ??? Nah I’m good

      1. why is everyone plugging in external devices if touch is so great ..?

        i will wait until september 9 2016 for the ipad pro2 ( with usb ports, and sd card slot )

      2. BITWiG studio 1.3 is not only optimised for tech but has poly after touch instruments built right in. Studio one 3 Also touch optimised….plenty of choise on an open platform with USB inputs….

  6. Cool for what it is. Which is still an app on a computer that blips notifications, receives Skype calls, requires updates and becomes obsolete after a short while. Nothing against, just a matter of personal defect, I just cannot maintain my concentration – but others do.

  7. Good news, but isn’t that a regular iPad (air2 or something)? Then the controls must be REALLY small on that screen. If it fills screen like that, iPad Pro’s screen size is a must…

    1. it’s a ipad pro , look a the pen and thumb for size …
      – the controls are REALLY small 🙁
      the screen is only 12.9-inch

      so just think of a ipad air with 1.6in more on each size

      with 2732 x 2048 resolution, the controls need to be bigger,, not more detailed

      1. Oh I see. The thing is, I’m using an iPad Air and I already want things bigger than now to be really comfortable. Thor, Animoog, Nave… it’s usable but better be bigger..

  8. You would have to be a die hard apple fanboy to buy the iPad pro over the surface 4, apple are now playing ‘catch up’ on high end touch ‘and pressure’ tablets like the surface pro 4 which beats the iPad pro on almost every criteria and most importantly runs full Windows, not a cut down OS and has USB and external expansion…dock it and its a full blown PC. I use and like my iPad and iPhone, but they have the advantages and disadvantages of being a closed ecosystem, I cant think of a single reason to get a bigger, faster iPad, the small size is great for travel and reading in bed….if you want something bigger/faster for music. then the surface pro 4 would be a far more sensible choice (unless you just enjoy re-purchasing all the VST’s you already own to use in a closed environment with no resale ability…)

    1. “You would have to be a die hard apple fanboy to buy the iPad pro over the surface 4, ”

      You’d have to be a die-hard Windows fanboy to not realize that the Surface tablets have multi-touch hardware, but almost no music software that’s been designed for multi-touch.

      Yes, they run desktop software, but why would a musician want to pay way more for an underpowered laptop that has a touchscreen? You end up with a crap laptop and a tablet with no tablet software.

      The Surface Books are at least good computers – but they are super-expensive compared to other Windows laptops and even compared to Macbook Pros.

      If you can’t imagine a use for a larger tablet, then the smart thing to do would be to invest in a better laptop and use the tablet you have, instead of getting a compromised device that’s really not good at anything.

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