Free Ableton Live Halloween Download From Francis Preve

the-hauntingWriter/producer Francis Prève has shared a free Ableton Live soundscape set – created entirely using FM synthesis with Operator.

Prève’s goal was to create a realistic Halloween-inspired soundscape as accurately as possible using synthesis – in this case, Ableton’s Operator soft synth – so that the result is a virtual environment that sounds real, but was created entirely in Live.

Here’a an audio preview:

Prève has released the entire Ableton project file (.zip file), so people with Live and Operator (or Suite) can check out each sound and explore how it was created. 

“This is completely new territory for me as an artist, so I hope it inspires people to delve deeper into sound design,” notes Prève.  “I definitely have more projects like these and I plan to give them away on this blog as a way to teach producers that there’s more you can do with synths besides make them beep.”

The downloads are free to use in commercial productions, as long as you credit Prève and send a courtesy notification.

And if you like the download, you can give Prève some love by checking out his latest single, which is also Halloween-themed.

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