PSP 2445 Emulates Early Digital Reverbs


PSP Audioware has introduced PSP 2445 – a reverb processor plug-in (VST, AAX and RTAS for Windows; AudioUnit, VST, AAX and RTAS for Mac OSX) that is inspired by two legendary early digital age reverberators: the EMT 244 and the EMT 245.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

PSP thoroughly researched how to bring the specific features of those simple, yet very musical sounding reverbs to life as a plug-in. We then improved from the originals with a handy set of parameters to control details of the sound and mix the reverb not available in the original hardware. The PSP 2445 is capable of processing using one selected engine or both of them simultaneously.

PSP 2445 is available now, with an introductory price of US $99, through Jan 9th, 2015 ($129 thereafter). A demo version is also available.

3 thoughts on “PSP 2445 Emulates Early Digital Reverbs

  1. I heard someone on KVR say that the 244 sounds like the bottom of a room and the 245 the top. I am kind of skeptical of such claims but the effect wasn’t as subtle as I thought it would be. Definately not the kind of reverb that “blows you away”, it sounds impressively natural for small to large studio type rooms at lower decay settings considering the technology. The “reflections” knob is very unique, you can get almost gated type type sounds at middle settings with some pre-delay and a thickening effect all the way up. Very interesting stereo imaging going on when running mono sources through it… It’s made for judicious knob twisting to fit the source. Good on synths

  2. I like the option to run both models at the same time. That gives it another unique flavor. I have been trying it out on some of my older mixes and was very impressed with how it can add a sense of depth and still sit nicely in the mix. Some of the presets make it sound like auto doubling. I think it’s a great tool.

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