Roland System 500 Eurorack Modules Now Available


At Musikmesse 2015, Roland introduced the System-500, an all-new, fully analog modular synthesizer system, produced in colloboration with modular manufacturer Malekko, that’s compatible with Eurorack systems.

The Roland System 500 Eurorack modules are now available. Here are the details:

There are currently 5 modules in the Roland System 500 system:

  • SYSTEM-500 512 – The 512 Dual VCO (voltage controlled oscillator) is a single module consisting of two voltage controlled oscillators. Each independent VCO produces frequencies across a wide range with 1V/octave tracking and dedicated pulse, triangle, and saw wave outputs. Variable pulse width is available via panel control or CV modulation. Each oscillator’s frequency can also be synchronized to the other in weak or strong modes to achieve a unique “sync” sound.
  • SYSTEM-500 521 – The 521 Dual VCF (voltage controlled filter) module features two separate low pass filters for modifying the timbre of audio sources. Each filter has its own dedicated controls for frequency cutoff, resonance, and a fixed high pass filter with two switchable cutoff points. Audio and CV input mixers on each channel allow the blending of multiple audio signals and modulation sources.
  • SYSTEM-500 530 – The 530 Dual VCA (voltage controlled Amplifier) features two independent voltage controlled amplifiers for controlling the loudness of audio signals. Each VCA has three sliders for an audio input mixer, three sliders to mix CV inputs, and a selector switch for linear or exponential response modes.
  • SYSTEM-500 540 – The 540 Dual Envelope Generator and LFO (low frequency oscillator) is a multi-purpose modulation source. This unit features two independent ADSR (attack, decay, sustain, release) envelope sections that produce variable voltages for controlling other Eurorack format synthesizer modules such as oscillators, filters, and VCAs. Each section can be triggered externally, internally, or manually with dedicated jacks for each envelope, as well as an inverted output. Additionally, the 540 includes a voltage controlled LFO with 5 waveform outputs. Front panel controls adjust both frequency and delay time of the LFO start. Delay and reset can be triggered from either envelope 1 or 2.
  • SYSTEM-500 572 – The 572 Phase Shifter, Delay and LFO is a time-based, multi-effects module. The 572 includes a five-stage phase shifter, analog audio delay, a control voltage gate delay, and an LFO. The phase shifter has panel controls for shift frequency and resonance amount that can vary from subtle to a deep, lush analog effect. Similarly, the audio delay has independent knob control of delay time and resonance (or feedback) for short chorus-like modulation delays. Both the phase shifter and delay can be modulated by the 572’s internal LFO or external CV signals and feature wet/dry effects mix controllable via the front panel or with CV. The LFO section has a knob for controlling frequency and features both normal and inverted output jacks. The gate delay has knobs to control threshold, delay time, and gate time for modifying incoming gate signals from other modules.

Here’s a brief intro to the System 500 modules from Roland at the 2015 Summer NAMM Show:


  • 512 Dual VCO – US $349
  • 521 Dual VCF – $349
  • 530 Dual VCA – $299
  • 540 Dual Envelope Generator and LFO – $349
  • 572 Phase Shifter, Delay and LFO – $369

See the Roland AIRA Modular site for more info.

16 thoughts on “Roland System 500 Eurorack Modules Now Available

    1. Eurorack has been mainstream for a while, hence it being the format of choice among modular synthesizer manufacturers. Heck, Eurorack was easily the biggest focus in the “I Dream of Wires” documentary too.

  1. nope! it means Roland acquiesced, or realized there was a demand for some of their products of yore, , brought on some competent partners (Malekko) that could back engineer it with love, gave the analog “modular” fans something they want, and brought a much loved product back!

  2. joust in time, i went back to software last year, i’m not the one who give 1.700 to roland bucks for anorher synth.
    I understand the beaury of wires and co. but i’m really full of hardware here (elektron A4, Octa, Akeys, MNM, MS20, Volcas, Electribes and many more somewere in the studio) no place and no money again for them.

    1. Agreed. I don’t feel like Roland deserves that much money just for suddenly deciding to release analog stuff again. I wanted analog stuff from them since I seriously started collecting gear ~5-6 years ago. But no choices existed, so they got my money with some virtual analog thing with 128 filter steps that sits on a shelf now. If they stayed true to their roots the whole time, I wouldn’t feel like they already have more from me than they deserve, and I’d be totally willing to spend cash on pretty much any of these modules.

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