VividTracker Adds Korg Volca Sample Support


Developer Lars Forsberg has updated VividTracker – an Amiga Protracker compatible music making app – adding support for the Korg Volca Sample.

Here’s a video demo:


  • Compatible with Protracker modules created on the Amiga
  • Supports AudioCopy 2: Import samples from other apps
  • Supports Audiobus 2: VividTracker can send audio to other apps like GarageBand and Cubasis through Audiobus.
  • Great sample editor, where you can easily set loop points, cut and paste samples, etc.
  • Dropbox sync folder support
  • AutoChord feature
  • Cut, Copy and Paste rows, tracks or full patterns
  • Load modules from other apps such as Mail or Safari
  • Open modules in other apps from VividTracker
  • Email modules
  • MIDI in support
  • Bluetooth keyboard support

VividTracker is available for US $2.99 in the App Store.

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