9 thoughts on “WMD Performance Mixer (Sneak Preview)

  1. nice euro mixers are always welcome in my opinion
    like the cv control over everything and the faders look nice

  2. Very nice concept! Would love to see direct outputs on this to be able to record separate tracks pre fader/pan.

  3. I like that each channel is stereo and that it has a send/return. I could see setting this up as a standalone tabletop for mixing other tabletops (volcas, elektron, etc). Only thing missing would be quick mute buttons for each channel but maybe the cue could be set up that way.

  4. Shoot, ignore my previous comment, looks like only two stereo channels. I assumed that since you could select AB on each channel that it would be stereo but it must sum them together…pity.

  5. That’s some great mixer, with the shittiest plastic sticks, for controls. C’mon Euro developers… that stuff is for Fisher Price, not high quality equipment, especially hidden under the moniker ‘performance’.

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