Dave Smith Instruments OB-6 Synthesizer – The Complete Guide

Synth education guru Marc Doty has put together a mammoth collection of videos, embedded as a playlist above, looking at the Dave Smith Instruments OB-6 synthesizer.

The OB-6 is a new 6-voice synthesizer, developed by Dave Smith & Tom Oberheim, featuring an all-analog signal path and discrete VCOs and filters.

THe OB-6 offers a sound engine inspired by Oberheim’s original SEM (the core of his acclaimed 4-voice and 8-voice synthesizers). The new instrument is designed to combine vintage SEM tone with the stability and flexibility of modern synth technology.

Doty’s video series includes over a dozen videos, and covers key elements of the OB-6 design, including the oscillators, the filter and modulation options. It also offers a comparison between the OB-6 and DSI’s Prophet 6 synthesizer.

See Doty’s AutomaticGainsay Youtube channel for more of his videos.

3 thoughts on “Dave Smith Instruments OB-6 Synthesizer – The Complete Guide

  1. Watched all of these last night. I hate my bank account so much more than I did yesterday. He did a great job of going through the nitty gritty though there are still parts to it he didn’t cover (mainly the effects, aftertouch section and the little section just above the keyboard with detune, etc). The perfect synthesizer?

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