Mogees SCOPE Synth Re-synthesizes Real-World Sounds

Mogees for iOS, the companion app to the Mogees contact microphone, has been updated with SCOPE – a sound engine that uses real-world vibrations to shape your sound.

With SCOPE, the natural sonic properties of the objects you play are captured by the Mogees sensor, then re-synthesised with the melodic pitch of your choice.

Wood, metal, glass and even flowing water can retain their unique timbral qualities while being re-synthesised into deep bass sounds, ambient pad resonant harmonics, and much more.

Here’s an example, using a shipping container as the sound source:

  • Other changes in the update include:
  • MUON – Updated to have improved natural tone from the objects you play. New presets such as DAYAN and SPRING transmit the sonic character of your playing to bring liveness to your sound.
  • SIMPLIFIED INTERFACE – the Mogees app now allows instant access to sound engines and presets through a simpler workflow.

The Mogees app is available as a free download from the App Store. The Mogees mic system is available for US $140.

18 thoughts on “Mogees SCOPE Synth Re-synthesizes Real-World Sounds

    1. @FSK1138

      App requires code which is only available to Mogee mic buyers.

      Therefore piezo mic does NOT work with the app

    2. Does it though? The app seems to need that you register it with a code from the hardware…so how does one use the app with a diy piezo?

  1. As FSK said (above)…

    This reminds me of the app that uses the mic of the idevice to trigger a physical modelling synthesizer.

    So why can’t this app (Scope/Muon) be used with the iDevices’ internal microphone or external mic / DIY piezo-electric contact pickup, instead of their “Mogees Mic System”?

      1. But why though?

        Sell the app for 10$ and give it free for those who buy the gizmo.

        And get money worldwide.

        I’ll save my €s and buy the Impactor instead.

        1. @ Salt

          I agree

          Sell app $10 useable with any microphone then market it to schools
          That’s a home run a Million downloads just for schools.

          Another 100K downloads by musicians.

          But Sell Mogee mic at $100 lucky if 1000 buys it.
          From which have to deduct $Cost of making Mogee mic with $Cost of after sales support.

          1. BeepStreet’s app Impaktor turns any surface into a playable percussion instrument and its multiple sound engines make all the same noises. Best of all: Impaktor is the price of a fancy cup of coffee.

            1. I would easily pay double the price for an update of Impaktor. No one else seems to have jumped on the idea. IMHO, adding MIDI-sync alone would double Impaktor’s value. As it stands, I have to sample it and use the sounds after the fact, instead of being able to add it to the groove and work in the sounds like with other MIDI-syncable apps and hardware, which let you find a nice place for the sounds before sampling.

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