Arturia Intros B-3 V Virtual Hammond Organ

arturia-b3-v-screenArturia has announced B-3 V — a new software simulation of the classic B-3 tonewheel organ and Leslie rotary speaker combo.

While the B-3 V is designed to emulate the classic Hammond B3, it also updates it with new options, including:

  • Voice Modulator – this lets you automate drawbars via LFO, envelopes and even a step sequence. These open up new approaches to additive synthesis sound design, applied to organ roots.
  • Analog Mod – With the B-3 V, you can tweak previously unavailable analog characteristics including tonewheel leakage, drawbar leakage, key click volume and more.

Here’s the official video intro:

Arturia B3 V is available boxed from Arturia dealers or online for €199.00 EUR/$199.00 USD. B-3 V is also included in Arturia’s V Collection 5 bundle.

7 thoughts on “Arturia Intros B-3 V Virtual Hammond Organ

  1. I wonder how it compares to MOJO?

    I mean, if it’s better, then Crumar kinda wasted their whole lives…

    1. No point comparing hardware to software.
      First of all, there’s always going to be latency.
      Secondly, for performers hardware is more practical and stable.
      There’s also better controls and a double tier keyboard.
      My dad has a Mojo and this B3V doesn’t get anywhere near it.

  2. There’s something wrong with it. It being of course the Leslie emulation. I have every software B3 and a Hammond XK-3C and none of them sound genuine. And the distortion…. let’s not even discuss that.

  3. I totally agree. The Leslie simulation smears and muddies the sound. Perhaps Arturia should have at least allowed the user to place the virtual mics. Overdrive is nowhere creamy as the original, and worse than most software competitors. As a result, the B3V is a fail IMO.

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