Dave Smith Instruments OB-6 Desktop Module Overview

At the 2016 Summer NAMM Show, Dave Smith Instruments announced the OB-6 Desktop Module – a keyboardless version of their recently introduced OB-6 synthesizer.

We talked with DSI’s Carson Day, who gave us an overview of the OB-6 synth module.

Here are audio demos of the OB-6 sound engine:


The module has the same controls as the keyboard version, and DSI says that the OB-6 module is exactly the same internally as the keyboard version — the same VCOs, VCFs, and VCAs and the same Oberheim poly sound.

They’ve also added a poly chain feature, so that any two OB-6s can be paired for 12-voice polyphony.

Pricing and Availability

The Dave Smith Instruments OB-6 desktop module will be available in the early fall. Projected MAP is $2,299. Price and specifications subject to change. See the DSI site for more info.

Audio demos via Peter M. Mahr

8 thoughts on “Dave Smith Instruments OB-6 Desktop Module Overview

  1. This is the one that I’ve been waiting for.

    The Tom Oberheim sound plus everything that Dave Smith has learned about polysynth design seems like a fantastic combination.

  2. This video is best experienced if you play the sound cloud audio demos simultaneously as you watch the vid.

  3. Carson Day is one of the most exceptional support reps i have ever got help from, its a shame DSI are not feeding and clothing him properly, shame on you Dave Smith!

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