Caption This! – The “Brian Eno’s Cat Is Not Impressed” Edition


Brian Eno may have created a new musical genre or two in his career.

He may have produced some of the greatest albums of Devo, David Bowie, U2, Ultravox and Coldplay 

And he may have created the Microsoft Sound….

But Brian Eno’s cat is not impressed.  

What does it take to impress this feline Farquaad?

Think you know? Then Caption This!

via Stephen Rainsbury, Mark Baker

50 thoughts on “Caption This! – The “Brian Eno’s Cat Is Not Impressed” Edition

  1. He thinks he is the one who wrote all those songs and sounds, but he is just my minion and I am the mastermind behind it all. MEOW MEOW and filter sweep.

  2. “Felines are more dangerous than ideas, because they aren’t susceptible to rational evaluation. They stalk quietly, spreading on the ground, and erupt suddenly, all over the place.” – Eno’s cat

  3. are you going to tell them about my “meow mix” song?

    meoiw , meow , meow meow , meow

    now try to get that out your head

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