Rare Vintage Polyfusion Modular Synthesizer (1977) Hands-On Demo


This video, via Saved By Technology, offers an overview and hands-on demo of a rare Polyfusion modular synthesizer. 

Here’s what they have to say about the video:

In this video, we take a tour of one of the original modular synthesizers (circa 1977) from Polyfusion, an offshoot of Moog. Learn the basics of modular synthesis and explore the sounds of this legendary and very rare vintage synth at the Saved By Technology showroom in Toronto!

This unit was recently completed refurbished by Jay Lemak and Brock Golden from Toronto-based synth repair company Synths When (facebook.com/SynthsWhen), who also hosted this video.

10 thoughts on “Rare Vintage Polyfusion Modular Synthesizer (1977) Hands-On Demo

  1. Sounds kind of wheezy for a modular. Moog, Buchla, ARP, Emu sound great but Polyfusion sounds meh. Probably the reason almost no one used them.

      1. Never seen TD use Polyfusion. I’ve seen them use only Moog and PPG modular. The only famous person I know of that used one apparently as a decoration in his studio 😉 was Steve Pocaro from Toto. BTW, I’m 58 years old and my hearing is very good even for a 30 year old, Mr. Ole Git.

        1. Vince Clarke from Erasure also used one, as does Hans Zimmer….so don’t be so grumpy and negative…..

  2. I got the Radio Shack custom tone synthesizer keyboard, general MIDI. That’s all. $5.00 at a garage sale. No additional boards or anything. Just the keys and speakers. No big board behind. Anybody want this thing? Don’t know what happened to all the plug-in thingies.

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