Genesis 1 – ‘The Synth Of The Future’


2BTruman shared this short demo video for the Genesis 1 – a custom synth, described as ‘the synth of the future: now’:

The video demos Genesis I’s Polypatch feature, which lets you play and hold different patches to create rich evolving sonic landscapes.

2BTruman says that more demos, in various styles, will come soon.

Here are some additional photos of the Genesis 1:







61 thoughts on “Genesis 1 – ‘The Synth Of The Future’

    1. Why not have both?

      With hardware knobs, you’ll always be limited to relatively simple synth designs, because it’s just not cost-effective to create a knobby interface for more complex synthesizers. That’s why the Schmidt synth is $20,000+.

      1. You’re not serious now are you?? The cost of the Schmidt synth is due to solid state electronics. The knobs are a minor cost.

        1. are you taking crazy pills? 20.000 because of “solid state”? i can sell you my grandfathers WW2 radio if you like. it has rare tubes inside. very rare these days. there are similar ones but not exactly the same. 5.000 and we got a deal

        2. We could argue about whether or not electronic circuits make up a major part of the cost of synths nowadays, but that’s missing the point of my earlier comment completely.

          The point was that knobby interfaces limit you to relatively simple synth architectures. The Schmidt is an example of this – people will pay for a knobby three-oscillator subtractive synth design like a Minimoog, but that’s about the upper limit.

          Do you really want to be limited to what was state of the art 40 years ago?

  1. Wha I see is two large touchscreens connected to a keyboard. The rest I would recon to be a computer and some software. The good thing about this design is the fact that most of us can build one in a day or two.

  2. I personally prefer the real deal, but kudos to the creator. There is some seriously good attention to detail and customization going on here. The custom case work is a story all its own and the graphics and interface work are very well done.

  3. Dudes. It’s a personal project. Some artist musician had his own vision for a retro-future stylized instrument and actually went for it. It obviously took an incredible amount of time (all of it, including the walls ffs) and all anyone here can do is shit all over it? Hope he doesn’t have to read this.

  4. Right on Will IDK why anyone wants to share anything these days. reads just like everything else these days on the net. Its appalling post after post of people saying nothing but negative stuff most of the time.

  5. This is not a synth of the future. The end caps are still made of wood and dont have the sleek grey color with the apple logo.

  6. All joking aside the creator put effort into creating a workflow that fits him / het instead of waiting for years for akai, roland, novation, yammy, etc…

  7. Looks pretty but what features does it have that make it truly next gen? Sidenote, no bezels bordering the screen would look a lot slicker IMO.

  8. Unless I miss my guess …
    Like the doomed Open Labs synths of 10 years ago, this looks to be a cabinet in which PC hardware has been mounted, outfitted with dual touch screens and a Nektar keyboard as a controller. If it’s relatively easy to swap out the computer components with more powerful ones (every 6-9 months there’s something faster/better available), then I think this is a winner. Brilliant DIY project.

  9. (On Roland articles) “why do they keep remaking the past Jesus why”

    (On a new way to synth) “where the hell are the knobs god why”

    I think it looks fun!

  10. first time i post on here….just to say you guys are goofballs. this guy put a lot of work into this, and the graphics and sound are great. have a little respect.

    and i’ll bet money this will be the future…..and not too far off.

    nice job to the developer….thank you for sharing.

  11. The design talent this guy has outshines most of us who comment on here. He had a vision and made it happen, one can only applaud that.

    1. He had funding and made it happen. Good for him though. Your point is well taken, however I don’t think this looks terribly interesting. I hope he thought about updates and evolution of the software and engine. As potential consumers we have a right to our opinions and anyone who claims ‘the future’ or my personal favorite – “Game Changer” should expect some criticism.

  12. personally I have always liked the idea of touchscreen functionality on a synth – I just think you should have some physical controls as well, especially because you would be able to build patching/macro systems with the touch creens for the knobs or sliders

  13. I never found a polypatch function anywhere. It is not just a touch screen controller, it’s innovative by concept

  14. Being able to customise what appears on the screen and being able to update the functionality of the synth is what’s needed.

  15. I think the term ‘synthesizer’ should be changed in many occasions to ‘soundscaper’.
    About all the big synthesizers from the 80’s and the 90’s got their publicity because they where used in hit songs.
    Nowadays a lot of hardware and software get their publicity from scaping sounds like in this vid.

  16. I don’t want to completely tear it apart but this looks like a keyboard with 2 iPad pros as the UI. Ehh…why must the future be disappointing?

  17. It looks really neat and the interface could be inspiring to some.. especially sci-fi nerds like me. That said, its physical space and probable cost would deter me when you can get an old vector synth module on ebay for $200.

    But as an implement in design it is quite beautiful. Well done.

  18. dosen’t sounds like future. This is a lot of digital Fantasia patches together inside a weird box with controller and 2 TV’s

  19. This just looks a bit ‘fake’ to me. He’s put together two computer touch screens and a keyboard, and no doubt the computer is somewhere else. Anyone could do this, and get the right software. I like the idea of touch screens for software instruments, and I suppose something like this would be more a MIDI controller of the future, rather than a synth. I’d still rather buy a nice Prophet 06, or a Moog, or even a Matrix Brute.

  20. The computer is inside the stand. The setup is nice and dandy BUT… My Surface Pro + Ominisphere 2 can do this. Just not the dual-touch screen setup here. Nektar Impact LX88 you can get it for 300 bucks. I always thought the future of music is where one can control with their brain…

  21. Get the Emulator 2 software to design the control surface, buy your favorite keyboard controller & software synth’s, cut some wood and go. Jean-Michel Jarre has his own version of this, but used the manufacturers touch controller (Cost $4k to $9K) for his tour. If you want to get going out of the box, now you know how.

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