clipping. Performs “Taking Off” At The Moog Sound Lab

Moog Music has released the latest performance video from their Moog Sound Lab series, this one from the band clipping.,  performing the song Taking Off.

clipping. is comprised of synthesists William Hutson and Jonathan Snipes, and vocalist (and “Hamilton” star) MC Daveed Diggs. They are an L.A.-based trio that fuses hip-hop, rap, and experimental sound design.

The studio version of Taking Off is available on clipping.’s debut album CLPPNG (Sub Pop Records). clipping.’s latest release is 2016’s Splendor & Misery, available on Sub Pop and Deathbomb Arc. You can listen to more (and buy) on the clipping. Bandcamp page.  You can watch / listen to the entire Moog Sound Labs performance series on the Moog Music website.

11 thoughts on “clipping. Performs “Taking Off” At The Moog Sound Lab

  1. wow what are these comments?!
    clipping. is great and innovative.
    talentless and uninspired people will say otherwise.
    “is the black guy a new moog product?”
    this is a real dumb comment and you should feel bad.
    I dont’ even really understand what it means, but it’s really dumb.
    he has a name and isn’t just “the black guy”
    here’s another great clipping. performance

    1. I have no doubt that they are innovative. The singer sounds interesting and I rather like the cadence he introduces to the words. However, as an example of what can be done using synthesizers it is disappointing. Apart from a little bit of presence at the end of the song they are relegated to just a few beeps and bops. I’m sure there are better examples to showcase synthesizers.

  2. so then everything that is done with a synthesizer has to be complex, minimalism is where we as electronic artists got started.

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