Pittsburgh Modular Intros Lifeforms Dynamic Impulse Filter, Distro Voltage Distribution System

Pittsburgh Modular has introduced two new modules:

  • Lifeforms Dynamic Impulse Filter; and
  • Lifeforms Distro.

The Dynamic Impulse Filter utilizes a new, all-analog design to replicate the impact transients and vibrance of a percussion hit. The result is a versatile filter module that sounds natural and energetic.

PM says that the “Dynamic Impulse Filter evolves the lowpass gate into the present by retaining the sonic characteristics we love about vactrols while solving all the problems that come with it.”

The design of the Dynamic Impulse Filter replaces the vactrol with a modern analog circuit created to replicate and expand on the signature sound of the vactrol.

The response time of the Dynamic Impulse Filter is not static like a vactrol; instead it is tunable allowing the response of the module to adapt to any musical context.

Price & Availability

MSRP $229. The Lifeforms Dynamic Impulse Filter module will be available December 16, priced at $229.

The Lifeforms Distro is an active audio and CV interchange with three independent sections for splitting and mixing. The outputs of each section are individually buffered and tuned to offer robust signal separation and unity gain pass-through.

Price and Availability

The Lifeforms Distro module will be available December 16, for US $99.

7 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Modular Intros Lifeforms Dynamic Impulse Filter, Distro Voltage Distribution System

  1. This product announcement was unwatchable. It didn’t objectify women at all. The announcement was an informative demo. Outrageous!

  2. This module is pretty damn brilliant. Very, very difficult to expand your palette with Buchla-like sounds with owning Buchla gear (or facsimiles). That PM have developed their own analog circuit to approximate the sound and texture of the Buchla low-pass gate without just copying Don Buchla’s design is really great… they’re paying tribute while doing their own thing.

  3. Very cool and interesting idea behind that filter, a lot of interest lately in blurring East and West coast styles/techniques which is resulting in some very creative designs.

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