Koma Elektronik Intros ‘Field Kit’ Electroacoustic Workstation

KOMA Elektronik has introduced the KOMA Elektronik Field Kit – a Eurorack-compatible toolkit for experimenting with electroacoustic sound – and a Kickstarter project to fund the kit’s production.

The Field Kit is optimized to process signals from microphones, contact microphones, electromagnetic pickups and is also able to run DC motors and solenoids. On top of that, it can receive radio signals and convert signals from switches and sensors into control voltages.

Here’s the official video intro:

The Field Kit has 7 separate functional blocks, focussed on receiving or generating all types of signals:

  • Four Channel Mixer
  • Envelope Follower
  • DC Interface
  • Analog Switch Interface
  • Analog Sensor Interface
  • AM/FM/SW Radio
  • Low Frequency Oscillator

These sections can be used together as a coherent electroacoustic workstation or alternatively with with CV-compatible music gear. You can easily interface the Field Kit with a Eurorack modular system. At the backside of the PCB you will find a power connector you can use to power the unit from your system.

The Field Kit is available as a finished unit or DIY.

Audio Demos:

KOMA has also created an Expansion Pack, with a bunch of different sources that you can use with the Field Kit:

  • 2 x Contact Microphones – Use these contact microphones to pick up vibration or sound, they are an amazing versatile input source.
  • 1 x Electro-Magnetic Pickup – good for picking up changes in magnetic fields, you can use it to amplify a string like a guitar pickup or amplify a spinning motor.
  • 1 x Solenoid push-pull motor – Use the solenoid to hit things, together with the DC Interface the solenoid can make anything rhythmical and percussive.
  • 1 x DC motor – The Motor can be used to rotate things or as a noisy oscillator together with the Electro-Magnetic Pickup.
  • 1 x small speaker – Use the speaker to listen to the main mix or as a sound source and to feedback sounds.
  • 3 x patch cables

The Expansion Pack can be ordered with the Field Kit or ordered separately:

Each Field Kit will be shipped with a booklet called 50 Ways To Use The Field Kit, which, besides being the official user manual, is a small book with examples of 50 different setups with the Field Kit to spark your imagination. For example, you can experiment with how to make a spring reverb, do radio feedbacking, sense heat, water and light, make it trigger a sequence of sound and so more. It also includes a few ideas and schematics to make your own add-ons.

Pricing and Availability

The Field Kit is available on Kickstarter until January 13th for an introductory price of EUR 199 (MRSP: EUR 229). The Expansion Packs are available for EUR 49. The project has already met its funding goal.

6 thoughts on “Koma Elektronik Intros ‘Field Kit’ Electroacoustic Workstation

  1. …seems they hit the right box at the right time…the project is..overfunded. damn. champagne on their heads…
    all the best for the Field Kit..
    ..i like.

  2. This looks like tremendous fun! I really love that you have some tools to shape the sounds in creative ways, right at the capture stage

  3. Super cool tool indeed!

    Will be interesting to see the experiments people shall do with this beast

    Well Done Koma Electronics!

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