Monome + Modular Synth Jam – ‘Restless Sea’

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via ioflow (Joshua Saddler), captures a live monome + modular synth jam.

Here’s what he has to say about the technical details:

a live performance in one take. ambient improvisation. monome grid and arc, modular synthesizer, strymon effects, mlrv. recorded into ableton live.

patch notes:

the piece begins with the monome grid playing rhodes melodies i recorded earlier and loaded into mlrv.

monome arc is connected to ansible, running cycles, which opens a gate and envelope (happy nerding ADSR) that lets through white noise. that noise is generated by mannequins cold mac. (crease patched to survey, turn knob to noise at 3 o’clock, mac out to audio interface.)

flipping the switch at top left of isms connects the grid to monome earthsea, containing four patterns recorded earlier. notes are sent to mangrove, gate to just friends in sustain/shape mode. mangrove square out to 3sisters’ “all” input. audio from that lowpass filter is sent to mutable instruments clouds, and then out to the strymon delay and reverb pedals (el capistan & bluesky).

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