DIY Step Sequencer With Euclidean Rhythm Generator

Reader Gibran Curtiss shared this demo of his DIY Euclidean Step Sequencer Eurorack module.

The module is an 8 track, 16 step sequencer, with Euclidean Generator and ‘some other goodies’. 


  • play / pause;
  • reset the step counter;
  • remove the entire sequence;
  • add/delete just one step;
  • shift sequence
  • tempo speed
  • euclidean generator
  • track mute
  • master clock
  • clock in

Curtiss explains that this is a personal project, with no plans to make it commercial. The project is based around a Arduino Mega 2560, and includes a 2 led matrix MAX7219, 4 rotary encoders, a joystick, push buttons and custom code code.

He says that it doesn’t have elegant code yet, but if there’s interest, he could open source the design and share the code.

You can leave feedback below or via his Facebook page.

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