Line 6 Intros HELIX LT Effects Processor

At Musikmesse 2017, Line 6 introduced the Helix LT effects processor.

It offers the same dual-DSP processing and HX Modeling technology found in their flagship Helix Floor and Helix Rack guitar effects processors, but with a streamlined I/O complement and hardware configuration. Presets for all three units are compatible.

Pricing and Availability

The Helix LT is available now for US $999.99.

6 thoughts on “Line 6 Intros HELIX LT Effects Processor

  1. I run my Mother 32 through my Helix all the time. This thing is absolutely amazing on synths if you’re someone who likes running synths through guitar pedals. They are releasing a plug in version too, which I couldn’t be more excited for.

  2. Curious as I have read this is riddled with software bugs and malfunctions on KVR, Gearslutz and I am curious as to your experience?

    1. I spend a good deal of times on the Line 6 Helix Forums and I see a lot of those complaints about bugs and such. The amount of times I’ve encountered them in the wild is zero! In my experience, forums are usually disproportionately filled with the people with the problems. The only complaint I would have is that the pitch shifting is not polyphonic and I could always use more effects, but that’s not because they are lacking in that department. Honestly, I had $1000+ worth of stuff on my pedal board. A Boss pitch shifter, a fuzz factory, a distortion, space echo, and even a DSI evolver that I used for effects and synth stuff. I’ve given that all up to a friend when I got this and I haven’t missed it.

      The fuzz factory model is spot on like the real thing, so I assume the rest of the pedals I couldn’t test are too. The fact that I can put effects in any order that the CPU allows finally makes me able to make guitars sound like a totally different instrument without having a shitload of wires and doubled up pedals. I have wanted to run my Tempest and Prophet through this, but don’t like constantly unplugging and plugging in the cables. I’m going to buy the plug in as soon as it comes out. The thing is powerful and flexible as hell. The people complaining about bugs are the people who may have really specific needs that aren’t fully met by the features. I’m sure that’s frustrating, but if you want great sounding modeling of analog gear that you can route in endless combinations stereo or mono, and a shitload of mics and amps to reamp your instruments. This is a great tool that I think can up anyone’s game who loves effects and experimentation.

      It’s really a tool that is marketed mostly to people who want quick preset models for classic rock tones, but it’s really the most underestimated piece of hardware I own. If you record guitar and don’t have the ability to mic amps, or if you want to have more amp sounds this is worth it. I honestly can’t wait to start throwing these effects on my synths, vocals, and drum machines. The only people I wouldn’t recommend this to, are people who can’t wrap their head around too many parameters.

      Anyway, I’m ranting, but it’s a fun piece of gear, and I hope the synth world embraces it, because I think the more people who buy into the Helix the more models we will see in the unit. Really go try one out at guitar center.

      1. Thank you for that through reply. As I do not own a single guitar, I have always wanted to try a guitar based effects unit for my synths. The TC Fireworx was a complete miss for me and I sold it within 6 months.

        I have been intrigued by the floor model actually and I would use the footpedal with my hand to modulation.

        Thank you again, and cheers!

    1. I understand this sentiment. Everyone who I normally hear this sort of thing from and has heard it has been impressed

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