Dave Echo Minimal Live Set

Sunday Synth Jam: German reader David Wacker (aka Dave Echo) shared this live set, filmed at Skatehall Osnabrück.

Here’s what he has to say about the technical details:

We taped one of my livesets, where I play two Vestax VCM 600 Live controllers and an iPad running Touchable 3.

Those remote control Ableton and then I can mix on 12 channels, with High Pass / Low Pass and 6 send effects for each channel.

Over the years I loaded more than 50 tracks into the clip matrix, which is huge by now. Just short loops of individual instruments. Sorted by type of instrument type, track and key.

6 thoughts on “Dave Echo Minimal Live Set

  1. Lame.

    Why is it that music by and for ROBOTS is now supposedly so cool? Could it be because there is no actual MUSICAL TALENT in human beings any more?


    1. Well thank you for your insightful and relevant comment. I gave notice to the taste police and they will knock down Dave’s door any minute.

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