Cosmosƒ FX4 Now Available

sonicLAB has announced the release of Cosmosƒ FX4, an advanced live audio processing plugin, which offers multiple delay buffer engines and complex modulation options.


  • Cosmosƒ FX offers sophisticated delay buffer handling and sampling features of live audio with a stochastic event generation system.
  • It can process live audio input in various ways, offering the expected sonic richness of the Cosmosƒ signal processor.
  • The audio coming into Cosmoƒ FX will be input directly into the micro events leading to a bottom up sonic construction with the meso and macro stages.
  • The complex network of delay lines handled within a hierarchy of Cosmosƒ, advanced DSP tools, powerful morphing engine and vast modulation possibilities offers a true lab of digital audio treatment.

Pricing and Availability

Cosmosƒ FX4 is available for € 89,00.

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