Corsynth Intros C101E OTA Lowpass Filter For Eurorack Systems

Corsynth has introduced the C101E OTA Lowpass Filter, a Euro filter based on four cascade OTA-stages.

It’s a Euro version of their C101 5U filter.

This OTA filter design can be found in many classic synthesizers like Roland Jupiter 8, Roland Juno 60, Roland System 100m, Roland SH-1, SH-7, SH-101, Roland System 700 and the Jen SX1000.


  • Two filter outputs with 6db and 24db response
  • Voltage controlled resonance
  • Three modulation inputs ( one with an inverter )
  • Two audio inputs with a built in mixer
  • Gain compensation circuit for the 24db output. Better bass response and no more volume drop when you turn up the resonance.
  • Filter self oscillate and can be used as VCO ( 1V/Octave )
  • Temperature compensated
  • 16hp

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

Corsynth has opened up pre-orders for the new C101E OTA Lowpass filter. It’s available to pre-order for 10% off the final price 235€ + VAT, with a 50€ deposit. Pre-orders end the first week of October and the estimated release date is November. See the Corsynth site for details.

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