TC Electronic Intros $100 M100 Desktop Multi-Effects Processor

TC Electronic has introduced the M100 Stereo Multi-Effects Processor, a $100 desktop box that features studio-grade reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, rotary speaker, pitch shifter and more.


  • Stereo multi-effects processor for studio and stage applications.
  • 16 award-winning TC effects including reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, rotary speaker, pitch shifter and multi-effects.
  • Versatile Edit and Tap/Select functions to control a wide range of parameters.
  • Stereo Input Level control with LED level indication.
  • Dedicated Mix Balance and Output Level controls for perfect level adjustment.
  • High-resolution 24-bit AD/DA converters.
  • Additional footswitch connector for easy effects on/off control.
  • 3-Year Warranty Program.

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability:

The M100 is now available priced at $99.99 USD (MAP).

33 thoughts on “TC Electronic Intros $100 M100 Desktop Multi-Effects Processor

      1. Cheap gear is the result of several factors like: mass production (the more you make the cheaper), reducing r&d (in fact they are mostly reusing stuff they have already developed here, I guess), using cheaper components and making the production process more efficent (which sometimes can result in bad quality control).
        So nothing really wrong with it, but you are more likely to be in for a bad surprise with cheap gear.

        1. would it not be better to compare it to a strymon?
          or maybe a lexicon pcm
          I did listen to the demo sounds, nice but not month watering

    1. I found three differences:

      – M100 Power supply is 12V, FEX800 is 9V
      – M100 says “Designed and engineered in Denmark”. FEX800 says “Conceived and Designed in Germany”.
      – M100 has a front bypass button and a bypass foot jack. FEX800 has only the foot jack.
      – M100 has a metal front plate. FEX800 is plastic.
      – FEX800 has a 6 segment LED level monitor on the input. M100 has a 1 segment signal/overload LED.

      Both come with a 3 yr warranty. FEX800 reviews at store sites suggest they have had serious reliability problems and often just stop working.

  1. That’s some very nice reverb for a budget box.

    The form factor is a bit of a missed opportunity, though: The market for this device is clearly to sit alongside Volcas, Circuits, Minibrutes, and other modern tabletop devices, but it has the standard front-facing control panel that this type of effects processor usually has unless it’s a stompbox. Controls on the top would make this thing perfect for performance.

    Make a tabletop edition, TCE!

    1. Agreed – Not really desktop in that form factor. One reason I still use my Alesis Wedge and AirFX in my live rig – though they’re getting a big long in the dentures!

  2. I bought a used m300 from GC seveal years ago. It didn’t last much – died suddenly during a midi dump. Still I really liked the reverbs and flange of the unit and it costed me only 80 bucks.
    Actually there plenty m300 and m350 out there for less than this one-effect-at-a-time baby.

  3. you can get an M350 or 300 for $60/70 off Craigslist , which will give you 2 FX at the same time, rack mount and more tweakablility , I doubt the engine is any different from those

  4. No buss compression hmmm.

    I’m still waiting for a smallish FX box, maybe MOTU ultralite size, that has 8 inputs and two outs. It would have Sharc chips in it like Strymon or UAD and would model tape machines, buss compressors, stutter fx, granular craziness etc. It would could run standalone with MIDI/OSC synchronization and control. It would be my ultimate compact live rig fx buss machine of 4 stereo busses. It should be cheaper than buying a bunch of Kaoss pads, a UAD Apollo, a bunch of Strymon and Eventide boxes etc. The tech exists. It just needs to be made…

  5. Also worth pointing out for like $20 more you can pick up the most excellent Zoom MS-60CDR… Chain up to 6 fx, with latest firmware the number of FX is awesome for the price and size.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. The MS series has some very nice effects mixed in with some ok ones. My MS-100BT is crushing it– but it’s a little prone to picking up RFI.

  6. It’s easier for me to tell how good a reverb is by hearing percussion through it (mostly because the sharp attack transients reveal the graininess of reverbs very easily).

    That electric piano in reverb sounded ok, but again, even mediocre reverbs will work ok on longer sustaining sounds.

  7. Is there nothing that is created today that people won’t turn their nose up at?

    What is wrong with this product being created?

    If you don’t like it, fine your troubles

    100 bucks sounds fun enough to try once

  8. I’ve got M300 for live use and Powercore reverbs when I produce. I find TC Electronic very good for that. I doubt Zoom would sound as good.

  9. If it can go full “wet” this would make an excellent, simple fx send. The pedal I have of theirs doesn’t quite get there.

  10. It says impedance matching, can I plug an electric guitar into this?
    It has an input control so I can keep it from clipping, but would there be any headroom If I had to keep the control on like .5?
    I can’t find real specs anywhere.

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