Propellerhead Intros Reason Rack Extension Subscription Plan

Propellerhead has introduced Rack Extension plugin subscriptions for Reason – a new option that lets you subscribe to a selection of plugins and mix and match the instruments in your collection each month.

The company is offering three plans, priced from $9 to $29 a month. RE’s will still be available as standalone products, in addition to to the subscription option.

Pricing and Availability

Propellerhead is offering three Rack Extension monthly subscription options:

  • Standard Subscription Plan – 9 USD/EUR (Up to $400 worth of Rack Extensions).
  • Medium Subscription Plan – 19 USD/EUR (Up to $1000 worth of Rack Extensions).
  • Large Subscription Plan – 29 USD/EUR (Up to $3000 worth of Rack Extensions).

17 thoughts on “Propellerhead Intros Reason Rack Extension Subscription Plan

      1. Yeah, I know. I used Live + reason until reason ver 6. Now I prefer using vst plugins. I would only update reason if they made the rack as vst and bigger graphics. Not interested in reason as a daw at all.

          1. Yes, reason now supports VST, but I am not interested in reason as a daw. I am more interested in its Rack, so what I would like is the reason rack as a VST instrument and effect.

  1. yech, more news of subscription service, but this one looks better than other i have seen. The others are you pay monthly to use the app and it is just the one app, unfortunately it is a downside for those who are not a full time user but do need the app ocationally. The biggest downside one has been Microsoft which after you pay 300 for the office program you still pay monthly to use it fully.
    Now this one seams like a better idea in the fact you get access to apps you wont always use but like to (sort of like video rental)
    I would say this is the first subscription idea that makes sense

    1. App rental is a cancer on the PC scene, nothing will change my mind on this. This is just the same garbage that Roland tried a few months back.

  2. I like the idea of this. Im a hobbyist and go through some amount of peaks and troughs when it comes to music. When I’m feeling “in the zone” I could just rent what looks/sounds good and have myself a few sessions, bouncing it all down to audio.

    Maybe I’m missing something here though. Is there a minimum contract period? Restrictions on multiple “rentals”? And what stops you sampling like crazy?!

  3. Don’t forget you need to buy Reason for $400 before paying for this. If the subscription included Reason that would be something else.

    1. yup, but I don’t think the target market for this are non-reason users. the value proposition is aimed AT reason users, who’ll know what this means for their current workflow.

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