FieldScaper Update Adds Ableton Link, Audiobus 3

Developer Igor Vasiliev has updated FieldScaper, adding support for Ableton Link, Audiobus 3 and more.

FieldScaper is an advanced field recorder app with a sound warp engine, designed to let you create soundscapes from environmental audio recordings. 

Here’s what’s new in FieldScaper 1.8:

  • Added support of Ableton Link.
  • Added support of Audiobus 3.
  • Added support of Audiobus MIDI.
  • New mode “Manual” in the looper.
  • Additional LFO ranges.
  • Sync start with Ableton Link.
  • Several new presets added.
  • Updated Dropbox support.
  • Improvements of user interface.
  • Built-in description updated.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Pricing and Availability

FieldScaper is available for US $9.99 in the App Store.

6 thoughts on “FieldScaper Update Adds Ableton Link, Audiobus 3

  1. I haven’t really got into it yet fully so forgive my ignorance but on the surface level it seems like a 3 channel mixer of sound that can be but through reverb, delay and modulation. I do like the idea of using it with my field recordings and my music in a live context. For now I feel Borderlands offers the most creativity in this respect.

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