VCV Rack Gets Full Scope Visualizations

This video, by KORI G, Structural Beauty of Harmonies in the Sound, captures sound and visuals created with the VCV Rack modular synth platform.

The visuals are created in VCV Rack using Jeremy Wentworth’s free FullScope module

Technical Details:

Visuals = Four sequenced VCOs (sine waves) goes into a Full Scope (two panned on the left & two panned on the right, and gated layers added for increase/decrease movement), Colors changes are made by a slow LFO.

Only the VCO’s sounds with a little bit of stereo phaser goes into the scope !

On the main mix, stereo reverb added on VCO’s sounds, and some stereo Texture Synth frozed effects.

All modules used in this patch are :
JW-Modules = Clock, Grid Sequencer, Full Scope.
Simple = Clock Divider.
Autodafe = VC LFO, Clock Divider, 8 Channel Drum Mixer. Fundamental = ADSR, VC-Mixer.
NYSTHI = MVerb, NYStereo Phaser.
Audible Instruments = Quad VCA.
Arable Instruments = Joni Texture Synth.
Core = Audio Device.

Patch download

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