Arturia Intros KeyLab 88 & MiniLab MkII Black Edition

Arturia today introduced KeyLab 88 Black Edition & MiniLab MkII Black Edition.

The new devices are black variants of two of Arturia’s best-selling MIDI keyboard controllers.

  • The MiniLab Mk II combines a keyboard, 16 rotary knobs, touch controllers and a software suite.
  • The KeyLab 88 is a MIDI keyboard controller with a hammer-action Fatar keybed. It comes with Arturia’s Analog Lab software synth (for Mac and PC), which has over 5,000 presets.

Pricing and Availability

The MiniLab MkII Black Edition is available for US $129, while the KeyLab 88 Black Edition is available for US $999.

7 thoughts on “Arturia Intros KeyLab 88 & MiniLab MkII Black Edition

  1. Big announcement is that this product line hasn’t changed… other than the option to buy it in black? Am I missing Something? I was assuming they were going to release a v2 for the keylabs seeing as they are mostly out of stock everywhere. Oh well.

      1. Me too! It was rad b/c it allowed me to eventually get the V5 collection for $199 super-sale-upgrade earlier this year. However, it would be dope to see a V2 of this controller in 49/61 key.

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