New Windows Patch Editor For The Novation Circuit Synthesizer

Batsounds has introduced CircuitToy-One, a new Windows patch editor for the Novation Circuit synthesizer engine.

The developer says that CircuitToy-One is inspired by polysynths of the 80’s, and is particularly well-suited to creating classic and retro sounds. 

Pricing and Availability

CircuitToy-One is available now in both a free and paid versions. See the Batsounds site for details.

7 thoughts on “New Windows Patch Editor For The Novation Circuit Synthesizer

  1. This is such a great idea. I wonder what the chances are of Novation adding native support for plugging the LaunchControl directly into the Circuit… They could sell an overlay to fit over the LaunchControl with the new labels.

    Also, the factory sounds demoed on Batsounds’ YouTube channel are amazing. I would gladly pay just for the sound bank!

  2. so you need all kinds of editors to use the circuit due to the fact that novation decided not to implement a display into the circuit..*facepalm*. i prefer korg´s current electribe models. guess what: they have screens.

    1. Funny how Electribe owners keep trying to make the Circuit’s screen-free interface out to be a liability.

      Too bad for them the Circuit is a huge hit: the Electribe, not so much!

      1. They feel sad because Korg abandoned their toy. Novation keeps on delivering updates and features on the other hand…
        And you desperately need the screen for menu diving the current Electribes!

  3. One downside I found with the circuit was just starting from raw with sound
    It was great for tweaking something already there or even editing
    Not the only device that has this though

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