Particle Collider SX7 Synthesizer Updated With Additional Waveforms

Eplex7 DSP let us know that they’ve updated Particle Collider SX7, adding 18 additional waveforms.

The update is free to all customers.

Particle Collider SX7 is described as a “special FX and experimental synthesizer for creating modern sci-fi FX sounds, Atmospheric pads, Robotic sounds, Psytrance and Psychedelic FXs, Sweeps.”

Video Demo:

Pricing and Availability

Particle Collider SX7 is available now for 28.90 Euro. A demo version is also available.

3 thoughts on “Particle Collider SX7 Synthesizer Updated With Additional Waveforms

  1. Only problem with this free update is that for existing customers there are no instructions or notice of how we are going to get a new download link.

  2. Just for fun I took some samples from Barbarella, some samples from a bunch of 1920’s songs from iTunes previews, about 15 seconds from Arch Enemies tune “The Eagle Flies Alone,” some Halloween samples from again just iTunes previews, then I googled “heavy metal drums bpm 140” and used a few random samples from that, snagged some random audio snippets from YouTube, picked a few hits from one of the cheesiest “electronic” drum dub audio apps I own and then tweaked them all in an old version of SoundForge 8 just using SF stock FX, and the awesome regions and playlist features, and did stuff much like this and had a total blast doing it all “by hand.” 0.02

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