New Poster Shows The Evolution Of Synthesizers

Reader Oli Freke has created a new poster, featuring hundreds of illustrations, showing the evolution of synthesizers.

“I’ve just completed work on a poster with every production synth released between the 1960’s and the 1990s,” explains Freke. “That’s about 275 of them! All hand drawn and arranged in chronological order.”

Freke is offering the post in two versions: black on white and white on black. In addition, you can get any of the individual illustrations on a coffee mug.

Pricing and Availability

The poster, Synth Evolution, along with coffee mugs featuring individual synths, is available via Freke’s site.

11 thoughts on “New Poster Shows The Evolution Of Synthesizers

  1. It looks like number 210 in the screenshot above is the DX7…
    Ensoniq are known mainly for samplers, so perhaps an oversight? (I gather the poster is focussed more on analogue synths and similar though)

    1. I exchanged emails with the author, a very nice guy. He thought the same thing, but most of Ensoniq’s models were synths, at least until they were purchased by E-Mu. Synth Models were the ESQ, SQ, VFX, SD and TS (some of which also used samples along with Waveshaping and Transwave synthesis). Straight samplers were Mirage, ASR and EPS.

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