Free, Open Source Instrument For iPad Features FM Sounds Of The 80’s

Developer Matthew Fecher has introduced FM Player: Classic DX Synths, a free and open source iPad virtual instrument.

“It’s 100% free. No in-app purchases, ads, or anything to buy,” notes Fecher. “It’s multi-sampled from a DX7, a DX7II, and some bonus TX81z presets.”

In addition to the software being free, the developer is making the AudioKit ROM Player code available, so that you can create your own sample-based ROMpler type instruments for iOS. 


Video Demo:

Here’s an unofficial video demo, via redskylullaby:

Pricing and Availability

FM Player: Classic DX Synths is available now as a free download. The AudioKit ROM Player code is being released Dec 11, 2017. See the AudioKit site for details.