Frap Tools 321 Module Lets You Slap It Up, Flip It, Rub It Down

Frap Tools has introduced 321 for Eurorack systems, a module that lets you take any modular signal and slap it up, flip it, rub it down.

The 321 features three identical sections, each of which is capable of scaling any signal, from 0 up to 2 times (+6dB), flip its phase, and apply a DC offset, allowing to shift your audio or CV ‘up or down’.

If no signal is connected to a section’s input, you can use the output as a variable CV source.

The three sections are then summed together into two independent summing stages: the top right jack outputs the sum of all three sections, while the top left outputs the sum of the unconnected sections only (semi-normalled).

The 321 is entirely DC coupled, allowing the process of control voltages as well as audio signals.

In case CVs or audio signals are particularly hot, the two 6dB attenuators, one per each summing section might be helpful to reduce exactly by 50% the incoming signals.

Pricing and Availability

The 321 is available now for 99,00 EUR / USD.

8 thoughts on “Frap Tools 321 Module Lets You Slap It Up, Flip It, Rub It Down

  1. Finally now it’s actually done. Take a standard circuit from any opamp cookbook, put a breakout frontpanel to it and voila, a new amazing Euro module 🙁
    Is there really no better news? Musicians performing to aid the world f.i. ?

  2. Ad van Gergen. Fare point .. except loads of people won’t have the tools or knowledge to have a go at this. I guess there are plenty of instrument technicians who fix, tweak or other wise help musicians get the best out of traditional instruments … would you be so critical of someone charging to replace a felt pad on a Piano for example?

    Some guys have created something that will be useful for some musician … were exactly is the harm in that?

    1. @Andy: OK, accepted and point taken. You have a better viewpoint than I did. My disappointment was based rather on the fact that this Synthopia article made me expect something new and exiting whereas it turned out to be standard electronics and not innovative.
      I do agree with you that something does not have to be innovative to be worthwile, and this little toolkit module is certainly fair priced.

  3. to be honest, bang for the buck here is great, a lot of these toolish modules cost more and do less. its not supposed to be amazing or new, it´s just a handy tool that will help a lot of people and also probably wont others as well. i´ve always underestimated the power of scaling cv…these little “unnecessary” and simple tools are exactly where the real fun starts.

  4. Ad van G: to each his own …. personally I’m tired of not enough euro / modular blog coverage when there is typically a few coming out every week it seems. Obviously there’s a lot of filler that doesn’t deserve coverage. But I’m glad to read about it.

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