Ableton Live 10 Now In Public Beta; Testers Needed

Ableton announced today that the newest version of their flagship product, Live 10, is now in public beta.

In order to support the widely divergent Live user workflows and hardware setups, Ableton is looking for a broad range of testers to help them “find and reproduce all unintended behavior” in the newest beta version of Live that is not present in the most recent release version. Ableton developers explain the need in greater detail:

“[User] feedback not only helps us improve the current version of Ableton Live but also influences the course of future product development. We also actively recruit internal beta and alpha testers from the most helpful public beta testers.”

Announced in November 2017, Live 10 will be available in wide release later in the first quarter of 2018.

Interested Ableton Live 9 Standard or Suite owners are invited to try out the beta version of Live 10 today by signing up at this link. More information about the Live 10 beta testing program is available on the Ableton website.