SOMA Laboratory PIPE Turns Your Voice Into A Powerful Synthesizer

The SOMA Laboratory PIPE is a voice, breath & mouth-controlled dynamic FX processor and synthesizer.

The PIPE is designed to offer an unprecedented level of vocal processing, and to turn your voice into a powerful synthesizer. 

The PIPE consists of the handheld part and small commutation box with L R output jacks (6.3 mm) and DC IN. The handheld part and commutation box connected by a single cable which contains output channels and DC power.

The handheld part consists of the contact vocal mic connected by a usual 6.3mm TRS jack and the box with electronic part and controls. You can easily connect the mic via a cable extension that allows to attach it to a stand or put inside or on a surface of any acoustic instruments like drums, guitar, trumpet etc. Also, you can use the mic in jack as external in and process by the PIPE any signals you want.

Pricing and Availability

SOMA expects the first batch of PIPE instruments to be available by early spring, priced at 400-450 euros. See the SOMA site for details.