Nintendo Labo Cardboard Piano First Look

Nintendo shared this brief look at the their upcoming Labo system for the Switch portable gaming system.

Nintendo Labo is a collection of DIY kits that let you build things that work with the Switch. The first set will include parts to make a DIY cardboard keyboard instrument.

Nintendo Labo will be available 4/27/2018.

10 thoughts on “Nintendo Labo Cardboard Piano First Look

    1. Hahahaha! More seriously, I would expect Gadget on the Switch to support MIDI over BlueTooth or USB, but now that I think of it I don’t think any of the (admittedly excellent) KORG apps for the 3DS support any inputs other than the touchpad and stylus… :/

    1. If they’re already sensing the key position using the IR camera, polyphonic aftertouch should be very doable: just add a rubber band below the keys for the first stop, and then monitor additional displacement with the camera.

      Come on Nintendo, you can do it! 😀

  1. If Nintendo’s using the IR camera to monitor the keyboard, I bet you could do something similar with a smartphone or webcam (though they typically don’t have the 3D depth sensing.) Or a Kinect.

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