Waverazor Patch Editor Gives You Control Over 12,000 Synth Parameters

At the 2018 NAMM Show, we talked with MOK’s Taiho Yamada about the upcoming version of Waverazor, which incorporates a new patch editor.

When Waverazor was introduced at the 2017 NAMM Show, it offered a new approach to synthesis and a wide range of sounds, but did not include a patch editor.

In the video, Yamada discusses the deep synthesis capabilities of Waverazor, their approach to making the options manageable and demonstrates how the new patch editing features work.

Waverazor features a unique synth engine, that slices individual waveforms into up to 16 slices, and then lets you modulate each of the slices individually. Waverazor’s deep synthesis capabilities means that it has up to 12,656 parameters that you can edit and modulate, which created challenges for making the interface easy to use.

You can find out more about Waverazor at the MOK site.

9 thoughts on “Waverazor Patch Editor Gives You Control Over 12,000 Synth Parameters

  1. Was hesitant to buy this at first, interface was kind of not my look and the demo I watched, well the sounds were kind of “brutal” lol, but have been using it for a couple months almost everyday now and love it. So deep which I am appreciating more and more, and the sounds I am getting are unique and awesome. Definitely happy I got it.

  2. Interesting GUI for all the parameters. But it’s a 2D GUI. Where a 3D GUI with all the possible parameters within the signal paths might be more intuitive.

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