The Moog DFAM With Bana Haffar At The House of Electronicus

Ahead of the 2018 NAMM Show, Moog Music took over a cottage in Echo Park, CA and turned it into the House of Electronicus, an installation that filled the house with synthesizers, art and sounds.

As part of the multi-week event, Moog invited synthesist Bana Haffar, who co-founded the Modular on the Spot series of outdoor electronic music events, to come and perform on the patio with Moog’s new DFAM.

The DFAM (Drummer From Another Mother) is a Eurorack synth module that’s tailored to percussive sounds. Moog has shared official demos, embedded below, that show how the module can be used to create percussion sounds. But, as Haffar demonstrates in the video, it’s useful for a lot of other types of sounds, too.

After giving us a quick rig tour and showing us how she’s incorporated Moog’s two Eurorack synths into a compact rig, Haffar talked with us about Modular on the Spot, and how the idea of free outdoor synth events has taken on a life of it own:

You can find out more about Haffar and her music via Twitter and Soundcloud.

Moog DFAM Demos: