Intellijel Morgasmatron Hands-On Demo

Intellijel shared this hands-on demo of the Morgasmatron Dual Multimode Self-Oscillating VCF and Crossfader.

The Morgasmatron is is the third generation of Intellijel’s Korgasmatron filter, designed in collaboration with David G. Dixon.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

The Morgasmatron features two completely independent six-mode filters (labeled “A” and “B”) — each with its own mode-select knob, input, output, cutoff, resonance, Q-drive and gain control. Each filter has a pair of CV inputs (one with a built-in attenuator and the other with a built-in attenuverter) for modulating cutoff, and another CV input for modulating resonance.

Both filters self-oscillate at maximum Q, and produce pitched sine waves that track the two separate 1V/OCT inputs. You can use the two filters independently of one another, or you can use them together (in either a series or parallel connection) and smoothly crossfade between them using either the XFADE knob or the XFADE CV input and built-in attenuverter.

You can flip the DRY switches to instantly bypass either or both filters; invert the phase of Filter B; or overdrive Filter A by switching on the new Overdrive circuit. A MIX output provides (as you might suspect) a mixed output of the two filters.

Pricing and Availability

The Morgasmatron is available now for US $389.