Malfunction II Offers Refined Sound Destruction Pleasures

Sinevibes has released Malfunction II, an update to their ‘circuit-bent’ filter for MacOS that they say comes with a gorgeous new user interface and refined DSP for your sound destruction pleasure.

Malfunction is a “circuit-bent” filter – a filter with intentionally broken connections and erroneous math that produces very special, hissy and screaming distortion.

To tame this dramatic effect the plugin includes a low-pass pre-filter with a booster, as well as an output gate followed by a multi-mode filter. Malfunction also has two highly versatile tempo-synchronized modulation generators routed into the circuit-bent and the output filters for intricate morphing and pulsations: they feature many different waveforms including a special “broken triangle” and “staircase”.

These modulators also offer variable chaos control, which gradually adds random, never-repeating accents on each individual waveform cycle.

Here’s what’s new in Malfunction II:

Pricing and Availability

Malfunction II is available now for US $29.