How To Get More Funk Out Of Your Synth

In this FACT video, Byron The Aquarius, gives a quick demonstration on how to get more funk out of your synth.

No surprising secrets here, but he shows how tweaking a few aspects of the sound, especially the filter cutoff, resonance and attack, can take a preset into Funkadelic territory.

For more funky synth action, check out the Against The Clock episode with Byron The Aquarius:

26 thoughts on “How To Get More Funk Out Of Your Synth

    Bryon The Aquarius says to tweak your presets mess with the freq/res and also some undetermined envelope.
    Water actually found to be wet!!!!

    1. You didn’t like the video and already knew everything Byron talked about. Great for you. I’d wish you good luck but you’re obviously already quite accomplished, at peace and not at all bitter

      1. There’s a lot of bitterness in these comments always, but do you really need to defend a guy who thinks a “hot tip” is telling you to touch the sliders and see what they do? Please.

        1. I do. I’m so tired of all the bitterness and negativity in this scene and don’t understand people’s compulsion to comment on everything that’s not of their interest. Byron’s just trying to make a living like the rest of us and doesn’t deserve scorn for doing a bit of self-promotion. Sure there’s someone starting out that got something from the video.

          Maybe Synthtopia should have a rating system *(beginner, intermediate, advanced) so Ron can use the time he’s wasted on beginner videos to figure out the real reasons for his failure.

  2. the reason this is frustrating is the assumption that everyone’s fascinated with finished presets, but it’ll be better to foster an environment where actually playing with knobs/sliders/patches is the norm, not starting with a preset. THATS why i’m a little bored by it. i get it though, people start with presets right now.

  3. Maybe FACT are just playing it exceedingly safe. I mean, it is a fact that envelope generators can effect filter cutoff over time. Water wet indeed!

    1. Come on guys anybody who reads this blog and has even the most basic experience with synths knows to tweak yours presets. Oh…and use guitar pedals …on SYNTHESIZERS …how novel? I thought he was gonna give us something, not the musical equivalent of eat your vegetables and stay in school.

  4. people pick and choose what knowledge to take or not, it’s up to them. What I got from what he said was learn to play your f*cking instrument. Now how many people needed to hear that, quite a few I’m sure.

  5. oh man, i don’t know which video is more embarrassing, the first or the second….Thinking about it again, definitely the second. The image of a musician/composer stuck inside a huge tv is awful, and this applies to most of us really..

  6. This guy is obviously talented and good at what he does. It’s just annoying that FACT asked him a question hoping they’d get an answer they could post as a video, and when they didn’t, they did anyway.

  7. Hey some of you reminder, this site is for all, not just the professional and the elite, music is for all! So what he is not giving you is that tip to cheat but the tip is Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow!

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