Casio Intros Portable CT-X Keyboard Line

Casio America has introduced the CT-X series of keyboards, which offer digital pianos, guitars, drums, basses, brass, wind instruments, string ensembles and more.

The CT-X700 and CT-X800 are designed for beginners or advanced players that need an affordable and portable instrument, while the CT-X3000 and CT-X5000 provide additional tones and DSP editing features, expression pedal inputs as well as more powerful speaker systems.

The CT-X3000 has a 6W+6W speaker system and the CT-X5000 has a 15W+15W high-output amplifier, designed to deliver sound output for rehearsal and performance applications.

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

The CT-X700 (MSRP: $259.99), CT-X800 (MSRP$: 299.99), CT-X3000 (MSRP: $419.99), and CT-X5000 (MSRP: $799.99) keyboards will be available at select music dealers nationwide in early 2018.