IKEA Synth Wardrobe Squeezes Studio Into Small Spaces

Felix of The Tuesday Night Machines shared this video, documenting how he hacked an IKEA Pax wardrobe to house a compact synth studio.

Here’s what he has to say about using the IKEA PAX as a ‘synth wardrobe’:

I tried a lot of different music setups over the years. Standing at a desk, sitting at a desk, sitting on the floor, large cases, small cases, 19″ racks and so on …

I found that standing upright in front of my gear feels the best to me and having a wardrobe with doors I can close to hide the mess is really nice too, when I lack a dedicated music room in the apartment.\

The wardrobe also helps to keep things contained and not spreading/expanding all over the place. Too much gear doesn’t help my creativity and the PAX has a good size, just bordering on the “too much” side.

For more details, check out this forum post on his build.

Got your own compact studio setup? Share the details in the comments!