Genki Instruments Wave Controller Review

The latest loopop video takes a look at the Genki Instruments Wave gestural controller.

Video Summary:

DESCRIPTION: While walking the halls at NAMM 2018 I met the team from Genki and was very impressed by their WAVE product. They sent me one and this is my review.

The ring controller I got is a prototype and doesn’t look like the final product, but regardless works extremely well and has the battery life they advertise.

Wave doesn’t need a USB dongle if you’re using it with a Mac or iOS device and throughout my testing worked with both seamlessly.

Pricing and Availability

Genki Instruments’ is crowdfunding production of the Wave ring controller and the companion Wavefront Eurorack receiver on Indiegogo.  Early-bird backers of the campaign can order the Wave ring for $129 US (reg $200), a two-ring “Finger Drum Combo” for $259 US (reg $400), or a “Modular Bundle” consisting of a Wave ring plus Wavefront Eurorack receiver module for $199 US (reg $350). They expect it to ship to ship in December 2018.